Saturday, July 18, 2009

eatless days , sleepless nights ..

Today will be the 2nd day that ive been getting nightmares again .. It woke me up at 1.35am after ive been sleeping for jus 1.5 hrs .. from that moment,i cant be able to go back to sleep again .. went down to my living hall .. lying down on my sofa , accompanied by my dog .. been able to rest till 5am this morning .. im not sure why dat ive been getting all this nightmares .. Yesterday was the same thing happened to me .. I kno ive been really tired these days ..been working for long hours .. trying to get some sleep but end up it make me wide awake .. the nightmares seems so real .. i woke up this morning wid ache from my leg and my back .. the moment in the dream it seems so real .. like its really happening to me ......

These 2 days ive no appetite to eat .. see food oso dont feel like eating .. Went to pasar malam yesterday alone to tapau food for dinner and for my parent as well .. Usually there will b varieties of foods avaible at the pasar malam such as rojak,corns,assam laksa,cakes,breads .. i walked thru the whole pasar malam and look at the food jus dont feel like eating it .. Whole day the stomach jus feel so full .. No idea whut happened .. good time for diet gua .. but definitely something is not rite loh ...

sei mou ... rest not enuf eat oso no appetite .. what happppppeeeennnn ??? i wanna sleeeep leeee .. peacefully without any nightmares plzz!!! shooooooo .. go away .. i hate nightmares .. disturbing my sleep n make me scared oni ..

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