Wednesday, July 8, 2009

gOodbYe Michael Jackson, King of PoP ..

Ive been listening to his songs since i was young .. He was already famous ever since i came to this world .. His songs inspires the world and he fights for humanity and change .. He is indeed a legacy .. He is gone far too soon and a great loss to the world ... Watched his memorial this morning .. Heard alot of speeches from all around the world from his best frens to some influential icon in the world .. it was indeed touching and heartfelt .. But whut for me is the most touching part is the heartfelt performance from Stevie Wonder ..

At some point of time, i wonder .. When he was alive,they are alot of speculation about him .. i mean bad and image wrecking things about him .. and when he is gone .. everyone starts to appreciate him for who he is .. Suddenly he is everyone's idol .. Must everyone know how to appreciate only when someone is gone and speculate bad things n believe the speculation and blame everything on him when he is still alive? whats the point if one do not kno how appreciate things when its ere and only cry when its gone?

This man open the eyes of the world .. he do not believe in impossible .. he believe dat it can be done .. he believe in himself seeing dat he can change whut he believe in through his songs and all the humanity works that he had done .. Despite every negative speculation about him when he is alive .. he is indeed inspiring by who he is as a human n the vision that he has to have this world a better place ..

He is the role model of the black community .. he believe in there is no black nor white .. he believe in equality .. that everyone is the same .. he is a down to earth guy that has a lot of love in him and a caring heart to reach out to other ppl .. Pay attention to all the lyrics in his songs and you shall know how big is his heart and his vision to the world .. Michael, you are the inspiration to me and to the world .. Your legacy will live on and you will always b remembered ..

I will miss you and you will be forever in my heart .. i salute you .. Rest in Peace .. and GoodBye Michael ..

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