Monday, September 28, 2009

6th month Anniversary ,. a surprise present from HIM ..

wE wished each other during every month of our 'aNNIversary' being together .. But to my surprise he has made something special for me on this 6th month of being 2gether .. Of coz without my knowledge .. More so, for this month ive forgetten the date when it comes .. =p Just because i kenakan him on his bday .. He took revenge .. What a GOOD bf that i have .. Chiuuu !!

Well,it was around 12 midnite when he tell me that he got something to show me and lead me to his laptop .. Open it and as soon as i saw the title '6 month' .. I knew it .. Tat moment i recall today's date .. My tears started to flow when it started .. Such a sweet and lovey video that he had for me .. It marks every moment that we have the sweetness and bitterness .. Ups and downs ....the most precious was the laughter that we had when we r together .. Its priceless .. Its true we had alot of dramas along ... but there is where we learn and grow from there .. I love you and appreciate whut you've done for me .. not jus this video .. in every second that im with you ..

A little sharing ...

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