Sunday, September 13, 2009

Galaxy's 15th Anniversary cOncErt at BuKit jAliL ..

It was an AWESOME concert!!! no doubt about it .. even though near half way the power is down .. later that i got to kno its becoz the generator is burned .. Kenneth who was beside me saw the smoke coming up .. haha!

Its great to see so many artist all over the world from our very own country Malaysia , China, Singapore, Thailand , Taiwan and also not to b forgotten Hong Kong .. Among the artists were Chang Zhi Chen , Singapore talent show winner who is blind , i kinda forget his name .. i think it sounds like this chen yi lian .. Kay Tze , Justin , David tao , Fang Da Tong, Joey Yung ,Lee Shen Jie, Dong Li Huo Che ( Power Station ) , and alot alot more ..

But i was mesmerised by the performance from the Singapore male singer .. He was blind and yet he perform in this big stage .. At a point of time .. my eyes is filled with tears .. i was inspired by his courage, his heart , his being .. A man who has lost his sight .. standing on the big stage performing to more than 5000 audience but he couldnt see them .. i jus couldnt express how i feel about this man .. he is jus so inspiring .. and he is one man that i really respect ..

I enjoyed the concert very very much as all the performers were really great .. Really going all out to have this happen .. and due to the power breakdown .. the concert actually ends at around near 2 am .. Its a wonderful nite!!

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