Monday, September 28, 2009

coUsIN wEdDing 21/09/09 ..

He has been the one that i'm really close to when i was small .. we always visit each other and play around the house as we live next to each other .. 21/09/09 was a really special and memorable day for him as he is getting married with the love of his life ... as usual we as his cousins were having alot of fun during the wedding dinner .. going around taking silly photos and so called co ordinating the whole dinner .. haha! having everyone posing and take pics .. crazy nite .. well in the morning before, being his so called ' heng tai ' went to the bride house jus to pose without helpin him to go thru the challenge .. example , eating 'shitz' and wearing undergarments .. ahah! too bad he got to go thru as a part of it .. a morning to remember ..
As the nite come,i went to prepare myself .. gettin myself a make up and make sure that im lookin pretty that nite coz its my beloved cousins wedding .. really happy for him .. seeing a couple tied theire knot and living happily ever after .. i guess its always in me .. i love going to wedding , when i saw a couple walking in .. i had imagination and feel really happy that ppl in love now can live happily ever after and its really a sweet moment ..

A nice photo with my auntie .. She is happy that nite .. =)
y family photo ... the gurl beside my bro is Ling Ling (bro's gf) hehe... Bro told me this pic is incomplete becoz one person is missing .. he is suppose to fill the empty space beside my bro .. U kno who u are . hehe! of coz my dear Kenneth . but he was at Perhentian to do his project .. Anyway, we had a great great time and my bro continously introducing his gf to all the ppl there .. haha! COOL!!!
Yum sing session .. Look at our happy faces .. =)

A touching moment and a moment to b remembered forever .. This photo strikes me and i feel its really the nicest photo on dat day .. Sweet ..!! A photo tells it all... Congratulations to my aunt and uncle and of coz my cousin Jer Yee ..
Crazee pose from fellow cousins .. As we really love taking photos , we had a few posers photo at dat nite .. haha!
Before the nite ends, a big family photo .. A get together of aunties and uncles from all over the place .. A big reunion ... Definitely a moment money cant buy ...

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